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30 June 2017 - closed

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abstract submission deadline:
31 July 2017 - closed

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31 August 2017

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Monday, 4 September
Chair: Leonid Dubrovinsky

Ho-Kwang (David) Mao 

„Superoxidation, hydrogen generation, and new paradigm of the deep Earth”

Tuesday, 5 September
Chair: Leonid Dubrovinsky

Natalia Dubrovinskaia 

„Structural studies taken to the extreme”

Wednesday, 6 September
Chair: László Smeller

Chris Michiels

„Bacterial inactivation by high pressure treatment: recent insights and applications in food preservation”

Thurday, 7 September
Chair: Colin Pulham

Elena Boldyreva

„Coordination and organic compounds at high pressures. Retrospect and Challenges” 

Friday, 8 September
Chair: Simon A. T. Redfern

Przemysław Dera  

"Hypervalent penta-coordinated silicon and metastable phase transitions in silicates"


Special Session Meteorite Reserve in Morasko

Mirosław Makohonienko

"Meteorite Morasko - the largest iron meteorite shower in Central Europe"


Confirmed invited session lecturers: 

Wojciech Grochala
Stephen Moggach               
Lluís Mañosa
Daniel  Khomskii
Hans Robert Kalbitzer
Kamil F. Dziubek 
Nicola Casati
Changqing Jin
Ingo Loa
Anna Pakhomova
Rajeev Ahuja
Sandro Scandolo
Amy E. Jenei
Reinhard Boehler
Yang Ding
Rustem Khasanov
Stewart McWilliams
Gunnar Weck
Sylwester J. Rzoska
Ion Errea
Mario Santoro
Yongjae Lee
Juergen Haase
Bianca Haberl
Craig L. Bull
Samo Kralj
Len Barbour
Malcolm Guthrie
Aleksandra Wesołowska
Yifan Zhang

Open lecture:

Leonid Dubrovinsky

"Journey to the center of Earth 150 years after Jules Verne: Science - not fiction"

55th EHPRG Chair's Invitation

Hi Pressure Friends,

European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) Meetings continue to be the leading forum for all high-pressure scientists in Europe and are one of the best known conferences in the world for exchanging ideas, views and discussions on high-pressure science and technology. 

The 55th EGPRG Meeting in 2017 will be held in Poznań. About 11 centuries ago Poznań was the birth place of the first kings of Poland and its capital. Later, Poznań became a vibrant medieval and renaissance city, but in the 19th century it was turned into a stronghold, one of the largest in the world. In the 20th century several historical events of great significance took place in Poznań. 

Poznań is not only a historic city, well known for its cultural heritage, industry and commerce, but one of the largest academic centres worldwide, with over 100 000 students in more than 10 universities. Poznań is the capital of the Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) region, located on the banks of the Warta River, amidst lakes, forests, glacial hills, lavish residences of noblemen within their amazing grounds, and other tourist attractions. 

The long tradition of higher education in Poznań is often connected with the College of St. Maria Magdalena, opened in 1303 and still operating today as a secondary school. Lubrański Academy, established in 1520, had to close just before Poland lost its independence at the end of 18th century. Poznań University was inaugurated in 1919, and in 1955 named after the famous poet Adam Mickiewicz. The 55th EHPRG Meeting will be held in the new building of Collegium Chemicum, in the beautifully located Morasko University Campus, which includes a sports complex (with swimming pool, tennis courts, training halls etc.), and is conveniently connected by a fast tramline to the city centre (10 min) .

Today, Poznań is associated with the University, the Old Market square, the City Hall with its fighting goats (see the logo), parks, monuments, excellent transport links (trains, airports, river), international fairs, the football-league championship club Lech (unfortunately not this year), Olympic medallists, Lech brewery, cuisine (the famous St. Martin’s croissants), the Morasko Nature Reserve of Meteorites (from a shower of meteorites, fortunately ca. 5000 years ago), a steam-engine train line still operating and one of the largest train museums in nearby Wolsztyn, a large Zoo, botanic gardens, top-quality agriculture, as well as theatre, music and dance arts festivals, along with many other attractions.

We cordially invite you and your families to the festival of high-pressure science and technology in 2017 in Poznań!

Andrzej Katrusiak
55th EHPRG Chair

Welcome to Poznań

Learn more about the city



Satellite Meeting

Friday 8th September from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday 9th September from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Useful websites

Poznań main website

Poznań city map

map application

Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy

Faculty of Chemistry UAM



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